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During this time of social distancing, this is the perfect time to sow seeds into the ground of your life that you want to see 'sprout up' and potentially change the course and direction of your future! SIGN UP today for Ascended Volition L3C's 30 day online group coaching course that will help you to begin putting your pen to the paper to write the book that you've been wanting to write, but have been continuously putting off! 

In this course, we'll be covering topics such as:

· How do I start writing my book?

· How do I maneuver through personal, difficult timelines in my story?

· Do I write about it?? HOW do I write about it? OR

· I want to [write] my book, but I just don't have the time!... (AND SO MUCH MORE!)

Allow yourself to become part of a virtual space that will speak directly to your inner writer and give you the space and support that you need to bring your book idea into fruition! 

The general duration of this coaching course is 30 days but can be extended as needed for the client.  (Additional servicing fees may apply)*

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Stand and... Deliver!


So many have a message, but are unsure of how to deliver their message in a way that will captures their audience! Whether you are preparing a speech for an event, want to enhance your effectiveness in the workplace, preparing to perform professional fundraising, radio OR are aiming to connect better on a personal, one-on-one basis... This is a class that you want to sign up for that will help take speaking as you know it to the next level! Register now to join and engage in our weekly meet ups or online coaching that will help you to perfect your craft and grow confident in your ability to not only speak but to BE HEARD!

Register below for our onsite or online group sessions where you'll be able to interact and ask questions for only $30/mth OR register for one-on-one coaching with our Public Speaking coach and facilitator, Coach Terrance J. Pope! Become the effective communicator that you know that you can be when you join!!

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For as little as $30/mth you can become more knowledgeable and sharpen your skills in communicating & capturing your audience! Meet new people, learn great things! Learn how to stand and DELIVER!

Public speaking 101-Facilitator- Terrance J. Pope


Motivational Speaker & Public Speaking Coach

Founder of Transitionz7, L3C


*To remain in compliance with the CDC due to COVID-19, all of our sessions are temporarily taking place ONLINE only.  As updates are received, you will be informed of when our in class sessions will resume.*

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Although we are temporarily holding all of our sessions online, we will eventually resume our in class sessions when informed by the proper officials that we may do so. in the meantime,Please Submit your information below if you will always prefer to engage in these personal or group coaching sessions online!

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