About Us



Ascended Volition, L3C was founded in 2016 by CEO/Founder, Ayanna Mann-Pope on the basis and foundation of faith, hope, love, failure and redemption! Ascended Volition, a christian faith-based business, serves individuals with the goal of helping cultivate and breathe life into the "whole-person" through healing, purpose and creating healthy spaces for individuals to begin walking in their passion! While Ascended Volition is a safe haven for life to take place inside of those whom we serve, it is dually an organization that strengthens the wings of its community making it possible for our community to make an impact in the world that they live in through its various created platforms, leaving each individual both changed and harboring a better sense significance and confidence!


Conferences, Workshops & Community Events

Ascended Volition, L3C always works to provide a life changing EXPERIENCE! Attend  one of  our amazing events and be moved to take your life to the next level!


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We believe that every message should truly leave a message and impact, helping another, even oneself to rise above and be encouraged and to remember the source of their help! - It comes from the Lord,! Be sure to browse and pick up an item or two from our online store to sport where ever you are!